Heal Your Soul with Skin Sticks

I am absolutely in love with skin sticks! They give me the chance to carry all the oils I have wanted to but because I am a hot mess mother of small hot mess children: no spills. So each of these sticks have a different use all playground ready! All start with a blend of beeswax and Shea butter to nourish skin and then oils are suspended in that oil blend.

The Healer has vanilla and citrus oils and is the most popular for its many uses! Sleepy sleep lavender Stick was the reason I joined! Perk peppermint stick has been a life saver for cooling aches and calming stress. Our Purifier with tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint is a back pack essential when hiking the colorado trails. Flower child is packed with triple blends of Rosehip, Argan, and grape seed oils perfect for hydrating skin. And my work out power pack: Just Chillin and Hot Pepper Sha Bang have been by my bedside for periods, back spasm help, and just plain life on my feet!